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Things to do this autumn.

Sep 01 Gather and dry fresh herbs for wreaths, for giving as gifts
Sep 02 Make herb vinegars
Sep 05 Gather fall leaves, acorns, nuts, and berries such as bittersweet for use in table arrangements and wreaths.
Sep 06 It's a good time freeze basil in olive oil to retain its flavor
Sep 07 Make and freeze pesto using your favorite recipe.
Sep 08 Add clean, dry seashells you collected on vacation to open bowls of potpourri.
Sep 10 Decant and label herb vinegars
Sep 12 Cut and dry Queen Anne's lace flowers to use in wreaths or hang on a Christmas tree like snowflakes
Sep 15 Plant a living wreath for Thanksgiving and Advent.
Sep 17 Hang small bunches of mint in the kitchen, bathroom or near windows.
Sep 18 Cut and dry mint for tea this winter.
Sep 20 Gather and dry some moss for Holiday decorations, including the nativity scene.
Sep 22 Find a sassafras tree. Obtain permission to trim small branches for a project in October or November.
Sep 22 Find pine trees and other conifers from which you can gather cones this fall.
Sep 25 Make potpourri from roses, lavender, lemon verbena and other herbs gathered this summer.
Sep 28 Take and root cuttings from scented geraniums.
Sep 30 Watch your sweet Annie closely for the proper harvest time.
Oct 01 Gather walnuts for basket dye.
Oct 03 Gather and dry everlastings for use in wreaths, herb bundles for Christmas tree, filler and color in potpourri.
Oct 05 Make some small baskets to hold gifts of cookies, herb vinegars, herb teas, or potpourri.
Oct 08 Gather cayenne peppers to string
Oct 10 Walk in the woods and gather materials to make the irresistible Winter Green Potpourri
Oct 15 Begin making pomanders. They need time to dry before being placed in full light.
Oct 18 Add fresh herbs to flower arrangements.
Oct 20 Make wreaths and garlands using dried herbs, seed pods and grasses.
Oct 25 Begin baking cookies; both Springerle cookies and Moravian cookies store well, if kept in air-tight containers.
Nov 01 Attach dries herbs, flowers, berries, nuts, peppers to picks for use in the Advent wreath.

Table of contents for Autumn:

Freeze Basil In Olive Oil
Walnut Dye for Basketry

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